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Location & Directions

Traveling west from St. Louis, take Exit 195 on I44, turn left at top of exit ramp ( you will be going south on Hwy 8 and 68) Go thru St. James and continue South. 3 miles South of St. James Hwy's 8 and 68 will split. 68 will turn off to the right, and 8 will continue straight. You stay on Hwy. 8 straight ahead and will go up a hill, then through several curves for a 1 1/2 miles, then will go down a steep hill. At the bottom of the hill turn right onto County Road 3600 (we have a Lost Creek Ranch sign on Hwy. 8 at the county road). If you miss the county road, you will go around a sharp curve and be at Maramec Spring Park entrance.  Once on the county road continue about 4/10 mile where you will arrive at our valley and field. 

To get to the cabins, turn left into the first gravel drive.  The Dogwood Cabin is the first cabin on the left.  The Bluebird Cabin is the second cabin on the left.  The Valley View Cabin is the cabin on the right. 

To get to the Farmhouse stay on the paved road to the top of the hill.  At that point the paved road will angle to the left and there is a gravel drive straight ahead.  Take the gravel drive which makes a right hand turn shortly and turns down the hill to where it dead ends at the Farmhouse. 


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